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CLNLGPROFAnother non-Linux script that will help in managing roaming profiles.  One will rebuild profiles that are of excessive size, the other will delete profiles for users no longer found in the domain. 

CHKSPOOLAnother Linux Professors Exclusive.  Not Linux but a way to monitor failed print spoolers common in the NT 4 Terminal Server world (and anywhere else you might be having this problem.)  Inspired by a guy using Linux to monitor Windows print spoolers in much the same way. 

Is the NetGear FA311 a Winmodem? 


Securing the perimeter:  Leaf Bering Project.  VPN, DHCP, DNS, Shorewall.  It goes on and on.  Full featured, actively developed (uClibc version) and the best supported/documented firewall setup software available.  Currently 4 deployed and managed by Info From Data.

Stopping Spam:  Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP.)  - Stop SPAM before it gets into your mail server.  Currently 1 deployed and managed by Info From Data.