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Info From Data protects the confidentiality of our clients.  If you wish to contact our customers, please contact us and with their permission, we will be happy to arrange it. 

We have clients in the following industries:

Metal Products
Financial Services
Health Care
Information Technology

Customer Comments

We appreciate feedback from out clients.  Our dedication to our customers results in comments like these!

"...built strong relationships with the technical support folks at (vendor) and together built and maintained a network that was 99% reliable."

"...literally available 24/7 for any problems, system upgrades, etc."

"...hard work and dedication to this project is not going unnoticed. You continue to expeditiously provide quality products that are absolutely tangible and greatly appreciated. Thanks much."

"I'm glad that you have the reigns and that you are in control, and that you can turn these requests around so quickly."

"...a good asset to the project, and I'm sure it's good for you to know that the business owners of the project appreciate that."

"the information you provided was exactly what I need. Thank you for the fast turn around time."

"Thank you for the input. I am very impressed with the approach of the testing. Good Job!"

"Nice job of designing the infrastructure.  Looks like we are on the right track."

"...thanks allot for your help on this and everything else. Quick turnaround on things like this are extremely valuable. We are starting to see a lot of positive results from this project and you have been a big part of this success. Thanks again."

Thanks to all our customers!


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